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Type 1 & Type 2- Pre-diabetes - MODY - Gestational diabetes

I often get asked by people  "Are there more than one type of diabetes?" to which I reply YES! There is more than one type of diabetes.  The two main types of diabetes are types 1 and 2 but circumstances in our bodies can bring on other types or 'variants' of type 2 diabetes such as gestational diabetes in pregnancy, pre-diabetes and MODY.  Click on the links below to find out more information about each type of diabetes.



  • Type 1 - This is when the person can no longer produce insulin for themselves.  This is an autoimmune response, where the body has destroyed the insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Click  'Type 1'



  • Type 2 - This diabetic either does not produce enough insulin or the insulin does not work as it should (insulin resistance) possibly due to being overweight, as fat can hinder the process, although type 2 can be found in people without a weight problem.  Click 'Type 2



  • Other Types - Type 2 has a few other variants like during pregnancy called Gestational diabetes among a couple of others.  Click 'Other Types'

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