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Here, you will find true real life stories of real people and how diabetes has affected them.

It is hoped that people can gain an insight into the different ways that diabetes affect each one of them and their families.


Do YOU have a true diabetic story that you would like to share in 1000-2000 words? (and pictures if you like) We would love to hear from you. Do not worry about spelling etc... I will sort that :)


Please feel free to contact us:


Twitter @amidiabetic

Facebook: amidiabetic

True Stories 7 - Gary's Story

Nearly 31 years has passed since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was already an adult when I was diagnosed but even so, I barely remember life without diabetes.

7.  Gary's Story



True Stories 6 - Luka's Story

So how does a professional athlete manage his diabetes while training and playing a full 90 minutes of soccer and still managing his blood sugars?

 Meet Luka Lee who currently plays for Ryerson University Soccer team and has Type 1 diabetes.

6.  Luka's Story



True Stories 5 - Kristy's Story

Kristy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 2. How did her parents cope with their daughter’s life changing diagnosis?

We also learn about the problems that she went through during her school life and learn what and who changed her life around.

5. Kristy's Story


True Stories 4 - Melly's Story

Melly wrote to me and sent me the story of how she has dealt with diabetes in the form of a Fairy Story entitled 'The little Princess and her Idol'. 

She had a hard time, not only learning to deal with her diabetes but to learn with the bullying of her fellow pupils and even in later years. She  was about to give up on life.

So what saved her?

4. Melly's Story


True Stories 3 - Hanna's Story

How does a girl who has had type 1 diabetes since 2 years of age deal with diabetes through the teen years, when there are changes to insulin regime with little diabetes education from her Health Authority?

Hannah changed it all around. How?

3. Hanna's Story


True Stories 2 - Emma's Story

How do you cope when your 2 year ols son is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and then having the shock of having to give your loved one insulin injections?

How did Emma and her family deal with it all?

2. Emma's Story


True Stories 1 - Danie's Story

Danie had a good overall control over her diabetes, she had never succumbed to the overpowering temptation for sweets and sugar based products. She had heard of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) but again her overall control was good, so how could DKA happen to her?  Danie had a bout of viral gastroenteritis.

Read on to find out how a stomach bug could have been so life threatening...

1. Danie's Story


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