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Once upon a time, there was a princess, a princess born perfectly healthy with no illness in her family distance or "most important", until she was about 3 years old when one day her body decided it was too tired and she collapsed. Still "healthy" she was rushed into hospital.  The little girl frightened as can be, the lucky girl who was healthy was about to get some dark news.

As time went by, tests being done, people running around, the princess finally starting to join us back into the world.  A big tall man called a doctor walked into the room with some dark news. "princess we are afraid to tell you this but you have a curse struck upon known as ‘diabetes’ this is where the pancreas fails to deliver a substance called insulin, which the body needs to help break down sugar and which your organs could fail, if you fail to deliver the substance you need.



The little princess screaming and confused, not understanding what was going on and parents so shocked, not knowing what to do, could only make one decision, they decided to keep her under watchful eyes until she was ready to face the world.

Time went on, she finally could treat herself with a substance and she finally started at the first steps in life.  The other kids were so confused, not knowing what was going on, why the princess was always hidden in classrooms with teachers, always wondering whether she was ok or not but they never asked. After a while, they started to rebel against her, calling her names and making her feel worthless. Things like "weirdo" and "attention seeker" were used but nothing could beat the powers of love that her parents passed on, she didn’t let those nasty things bring her down.



After a while, life still going on, the queen, her mother, got bored of their old palace and decided to move to a bigger and more magical palace, with new people and a new start.  Things then for the little princess started to get better, although she had liked the other castle and didn’t want to leave it behind.

Then it was time for the little princess to go to High School with her head held high.  Years went on, till one dark night where something went wrong, she was told to go and take an over amount of her medication after having a petty argument, the little princess sobbed thinking the new people understood, but who knew?



As time went on the little princess got quieter, shyer, more insecure and wanted to keep the curse to herself, but it still wasn’t enough, the school was packed especially when it was break time, so she had to take her magical substance publicly.  Although it seemed okay to the little princess, there were evil witches saying things behind her back like " what a druggy" "what an attention seeker, why does she get all the attention, pathetic" "look at her, weirdo" "spaz" "retard" "retarded cunt" "alien" "she’s not normal, look at her" although the princess tried not to take in the nasty things. The love broke as mother and father were always busy dealing with other things and she became broken upset and alone.



One dark night after the little princess stopped sobbing and thinking about giving up, she was rushed again into hospital with a big bleed, not knowing what was going on but old enough to understand. Having all the test done, the big tall doctor re-entered again and told her she had a illness called "polycystic ovaries" which means she can’t have a period unless she takes another magic substance but this along with the diabetes, had complications.  The doctor said "you have 50/50 chance of getting cancer by not bleeding or bleeding too heavily. The pains are gonna be 10 times more painful and the mood swings are going to be 10 times worse”




The girl finally running home, wanting to give up, who just wanted to be normal like the other princesses’, wanting to do things and eat things that other princesses’ could, looked upon her laptop in 2009 and came across a guy, a prince named ‘JUSTIN BIEBER’ who wrote a song that made her feel so special, so alive and so strong, that giving up wasn’t an option She continued researching this prince, seeing all the good that he did, seeing how much effort he put in and he doesn’t even know her.

She saw all the good, all the passion that he had and his music made her feel like a normal princess once more.  She fell in love, she felt loved, safe and warm and the guy became her life source, not the medicine.  His music gave her a message that no doctor ever could.  She idolised this guy and wanted to give him everything because he gives her everything.

Truth is, the little princess is still here 12 years on  and still going strong. Organs still working and here, still fighting, she is only here because of this magical prince named ‘Justin Bieber’  Life still going on. I’d say that this is the end of my story but it will never end.




Dear readers, the little princess is me Melissa:)(@kidrauhlsgalx) I have been diabetic since 3 years old, had polycystic ovaries since 14, and other things that  I do not wish to discuss.

Justin Bieber saved me from rock bottom. He is the prince in my story, who came and rescued me from the cold tower and picked me up from a low place. He helped me to realise that I’m not abnormal and I’m not different, I’m just like any other girl.

And the moral of the story is that I’d do anything not to get the attention. Life for people like me and others who are far worse, being normal is what I dream of but it isn’t possible and other kids like us aren’t different because our bodies don’t work properly because we take medicine to keep us alive.  This life isn’t easy, this life isn’t perfect, I’d prefer not to have it but life is life.

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All I really want to say is that, if it wasn’t for Justin, you wouldn’t be reading this and I wouldn’t be here.   I’ve given up so many times and for him, just to make me feel perfect for a whole 3 minutes, does make a difference.  He doesn’t know me but he knows I’m out there and if he reads this? Well Justin you have a beautiful personality and a heart of gold and I never want you to give up, NEVER!  If I could do all the things that you've done for me for you I would!  I’m here for you I love you and thank you so much for the support.

For all the other people out there with difficulties and illness's and problems, you are perfect! Ignore the shit and stand tall.  You’re like a princess or prince in your own story and you are in mine and I’m always here to talk if you ever need someone?

This is my story how one guy changed a whole lot of shit into a fairy tale and how having an illness isn’t all that amazing, well it’s not. Well this is me over and out.

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