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Diabetic - self help - diet - excercise - weight management


When you are diagnosed with diabetes, will will eventually realise that you need to start to help yourself at some time. There are lots of things that you can do to help yourself and to care for your diabetes.  You cannot rely on the doctors to do everything for you. It's your body and it's your diabetes, so look after it and you will see the benefits. If you don't look after it, be prepared for diabetic complications in the future. It is really a no-brainer!

What can I do today?


First of all, you need to eat a proper diet (a diabetic diet is a healthy diet), check your glucose levels regularly, follow a regular exercise program to your individual ability, keep a check on cholesterol levels and eat foods to control it such as oatmeal or porridge and some spreads that are now available (check the ‘foods’ section). 

Keep an eye on that blood pressure and stop smoking today.  You should visit your diabetes doctor, consultant, primary care physician or nurse when requested to, at least once every 12 months for your annual check-up.  You should visit you podiatrist every 12 months or as needed, as they will be able to check you over and give advice on foot care.
If you are overweight, you could do with losing a few pounds (or more) today.  You should visit your dietician who is attached to your diabetic unit.  These people specialise in people like yourself who have special dietary requirements and they know exactly how to help you.  It is you who is the one who needs educating to a proper diet.  Dieticians are there for you, so use them!
If you are experiencing any problems with your eyes, ears, nerves, feet, legs, weight in between having your annual check-up, go see your doctor, consultant, primary care physician or nurse as soon as possible.  Do NOT leave it and think that it will go away.
Look after yourself and do it TODAY!

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