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28 December 2014

Tippy Toes Towel from


Late December 2014, I received the Tippy Toes Towel to review.  I have tried the towel several times now, washing it in between to see how well the material held up and I am pleased to report that the material was just as soft to the touch and more importantly between the toes.

I always take care with my feet being a type 1 diabetic.  I have previously dried my feet with a towel and then used cotton buds in between the toes to suck up and moisture that may still remain and I was very happy with the results. Attempting to dry between the toes with a normal towel often ended with splits between the toes, which as you may know are painful and prone to infection, especially with diabetic foot problems.

I had my nightly shower and decided to try the Tippy Toes Towel.  I sat down as normal on the chair and gently guided the strips of the towel between each toe and proceeded to dry from end to end.  I can honestly say that my toes have never felt as dry after a shower.  As I have said, I take my foot care seriously and thought that my feet and toes were as dry as I could possibly get them.  I can honestly recommend the Tippy Toes Towel and at just $9.99. It is a piece of mind to know that your feet are dry and clean.  I would probably recommend a second towel while you have the other one in the wash. I am certainly getting a second towel.


13 November 2013

 Good Like This - By Peter Arpesella

'Good Like This’ is an enthralling and captivating read.  I could just not put it down.  Peter Arpesella certainly has a way with words and makes the story captivating from beginning to the very end of the book.

Paul Franco has one vision, to be as successful as he possibly can, and he is!  While his energy goes into his business, his type 1 diabetes comes a poor second place.  He thinks nothing of grabbing handfuls of sweets and snacks and thinks that a quick boost of insulin and a run will make it all good.

What can turn his life around? His addicted wife Candice, Dr Donovan or Daughter Sally?  This is a truly inspiring story of how a man manages to turn his life around to realise his life goals. I would love to see this story as a feature film!

Buy it on AmazonGood Like This - Peter Arpesella

Read Peter's Guest blog Here at :

Peter's Official website :


About the Author:

Peter Arpesella is an actor and award winning writer, originally from Rimini, Italy. His family owned the historical Grand Hotel, where family friend, Federico Fellini, set his award winning "Amarcord". 
When he discovered that storytelling is a lot more fun than investment banking, Peter moved to the States to work as an actor and writer. Peter's voice can be heard in the English version of the Oscar winning film "Life Is Beautiful," and in Dreamworks Animation "Madagascar 3," among others. He can be seen in the box office comedy hit "This Like A Man" and on the award winning TV show "Mad Men." 
Peter's novel GOOD LIKE THIS is based on one of his screenplays that won the Special Jury Prize at the New York International Film Festival.

He's involved in several philanthropic activities, loves a good laugh, and lives in Los Angeles with his actress/writer/wife, Annie Wood, and their dog-ter, Lucy.
                                                      All information at



09 April 2013


In late March of 2013, I was kindly sent samples of Protect iT Therapeutic and Diabetic Socks from Intelligent Texture.  I really wanted to try these out properly and see if they were as good as they sounded.  The tests were conducted over a 2 week period so that I could give a full honest and independent review.

As soon as I put on a pair of these socks, I could vouch for the comfort within seconds. The socks hugged my feet gently but not too tight like some socks can.  I have water retention in my legs and feet and cannot wear socks with elastic in them, as they leave deep indentations in my lower leg which get itchy and painful due to the swelling being restricted by the elastic tops.  Over the 2 week period, not once did I feel the need to have to take the socks off to stop the swelling.  These socks, although gently hugging did NOT leave those tell tale indentations that anyone with water retention knows all too well.

The socks never bunched up or wrinkled at any time as normal socks can. I have a pair of trainers that I love but cannot wear, as no matter what socks I wear, these trainers pull at the back of my socks and eventually, my ankles are bared and very uncomfortable, so this would test them.  Guess what? Wearing the Protect iT socks did the job!  I can now wear these favourite trainers again.  As you know, wearing trainers or tennis shoes can make your feet sweat but at no time did my feet feel uncomfortable and sticky as they sometimes do, they felt comfortable, supported, warm and dry.

Pricewise, you are paying a premium for these socks BUT you are getting premium comfort!  Would I pay that price for the socks? Originally, I would have said no! But having tried them I can honestly say a resounding YES!  Ok, I could buy a pair of bargain socks for a pound/dollar or so... Yes, but are you going to get the comfort and quality of Protect iT socks? NO WAY!  To me, it’s a no brainer!  You need to protect your feet, especially if like me, you are diabetic.  It’s like the old saying “You get what you pay for”  You go out of your way to get the best car that you can, the best mobile phone that you can, That expensive pair of shoes too, so why not the best socks? As I said... It’s a no brainer!



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June 2012


TED (*The Empowerment Dynamic) for Diabetes: A Health Empowerment Story

21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A valuable resource for diabetics., June 4, 2012
This review is from: TED (*The Empowerment Dynamic) for Diabetes: A Health Empowerment Story (Paperback)

Having just finished reading TED (*The Empowerment Dynamic) for Diabetes: A Health Empowerment Story, I found the book to be a valuable insight into how diabetes affects a person. It goes through the highs and lows of being diagnosed with diabetes.

I feel that this book would be a valuable resource to any newly diagnosed diabetic to what he or she may experience. The book gives you an insight of how to manage and deal with diabetes, how it affects you and the members of your family too.

This is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

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