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Here are a list of popular questions about diabetes. Do you have any? Just email us, tweet us, pop into the forum.


"I've heard of diabetes but want to know more..."


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12/06/12 3Jeeps3 Asks: Maybe I missed it on your site, but is it possible to go from type 2 to 1? I have had every stage of type 2. Nothing works now.

In short NO! Types’ 1 & 2 diabetes are different, you will not suddenly turn into a type 1, however... a person with type 2 can become insulin dependant

This is because, sometimes the cells that produce insulin start to wear out and die, to the stage where the body is no longer producing enough insulin, plus the cells are still insulin-resistant, which can necessitate eventually going onto insulin

26/04/12  asks: Any idea why I have started to bruise so badly when injecting?

Always use a fresh needle for each injection. The needle starts to dull as soon as you use it and you will damage the tissue where you are injecting, which an leave you bruised and sore. Check this site for micoscopic views of a used needle to see just why.

You should also rotate your injecion sites regularly to avoid injecting yourself in the same areas: remember, if you inject in say, your stomach on the left side, your reach is roughly going to be in the same area as previously, so you will be inject in the same 1 to 2 inch area, which in turn will damage and bruise the tissue. This regime can also leave you with lumps in the area and cause an inconsistant insulin absorbtion into the body.

24/04/12  asks: What does a penis-pump have to do with diabetes? Just seen it in your online store...

Excellent question have a look at and 2/3 down the page to Autonomic neuropathy and Erectile dysfunction

"Autonomic neuropathy affects the penis in a way which may cause erectile dysfunction or impotence. A person with ED can seek medical help from their doctor/physician. There are various treatments that can be prescribed such as...."


What is diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is where there is too much glucose in the blood, due to beta cells in the pancreas fail to produce enough insulin.


Is diabetes caused by eating too much sugar?

No, the amount of sugar will not decide if you are going to be diabetic, however increased weight and a fast food lifestyle can lead to type 2 diabetes if you gain excessive weight and do not exercise enough and become obese.


Is it mainly older people who get diabetes?

No, diabetes can occur at any age.  It does not matter if you are old or young.  With today’s fast food society and increasing obesity diabetes is on the increase.


What is insulin?

Insulin is a natural substance produced by the pancreas; this normally controls the amount of glucose that goes into your blood cells.  In the diabetic, the body fails to produce insulin and manufactured insulin is administered to compensate.

What are the first signs of diabetes?

  • You may feel unwell
  • You may lose weight for no reason
  • You WILL urinate more often
  • You WILL feel very thirsty
  • You WILL drink more


What should I do first?

  • Go to your doctor
  • Take a sample of urine (the first one of the day when you get up)


 What causes a hypo?

There are a few possibilities such as :

  • Not enough food
  • under estimation of carb intake
  • Extra, or unplanned activity such as heavy house work, sport or even sex
  • Incorrect insulin dosage
  • Alcohol – This makes glucose release difficult when needed


What does a hypo feel like?

Not everyone has the same symptoms, some find it hard to notice the warning signs but the main symptoms are:

  • Hunger
  • Feeling shaky
  • Tingling in lips
  • ‘Flashing lights’ in the eyes
  • Sweating
  • Headache
  • Disillusionment


 How  do I treat an hypo?

Have some rapid acting carbs such as:

  • Glucose tablets
  • Fruit or sugary drink
  • Sugar
  • Jelly sweets


 I have heard of diabetic complications, can I avoid these?

You can lead a healthy lifestyle by eating properly and having regular exercise.  Basically looking after your glucose levels and your blood pressure are key to preventing or delaying diabetic complications.


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