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MY diabetes story - Diabetes - Type 1- Diet - Control - Insulin

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My rapid introduction to the world of diabetes and insulin

Medication, medication, medication... Where the heck do I start?  When you are first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you are dreading the time when the nurse shows you how to draw up the insulin, although these days there are insulin pens where you just dial the number into the insulin pen, stick yourself and press the button to deliver the insulin from the cartridge inside, which delivers am exact amount of insulin into your body.

I remember the nurse sitting beside me and showing me how to draw the insulin from the vial and then from another to mix the insulin.  She then showed me how to inject the orange and she gave me great praise.  I said “this is easy” she then said “Ok, now do it for real” I drew up the insulin mix and dumbly said “now what?” she said “go ahead! Inject it into your leg” she has a nice smile on her face, which is more than I did.  After about 15 minutes, I plucked up courage to finally and very slowly inject the insulin into my tense right thigh.  I was then sent home with some insulin and syringes to torture myself for the rest of my life.

I Hate needles !!!!

I really used to dread meal times and injected slowly so that it would not hurt, but it did!  One day within the first week or so, I decided to just stick it fast, rather than go through minutes of emotional pain.  Guess what? IT DIDN’T HURT! I injected myself with the insulin and then pulled the needle out and stuck myself again and it didn’t hurt.  From then on, I have injected myself for many years this way without any problems.

So, what about medication?

Some diabetics can get along just fine by changing diet and getting some exercise but I want to discus medication rather than diet here. There are 2 types of medication.

Insulin usually specifically for type 1 and tablets which are usually specifically for type 2 diabetes, although both may be uses in some cases but insulin and tablets are discussed in the appropriate link.

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