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Celebrity diabetics - famous diabetics - type 1 - type2

Diabetic Celebrities from Nat Adderly to Neil Young.

Last updated on 25 January 2017


Setting your life goals

Famous diabetics. (List starts below V )

There are many famous diabetics or diabetics who have become famous, (you decide) that you were not aware of. Just because they are famous does not mean that they are immune to being diabetic. Famous diabetics were just 'normal' people like you and I before fame happened. Had they not been famous, many would have still got type 1diabetes, although lifestyle changes can bring on type 2 diabetes, famous or not.

Many Famous people who are diabetics have not let their condition get in the way or success.  Just because they are one of many diabetics in the world, it has not stopped them perusing their chosen careers, be it actor, athlete, scientist, singer, film producer or president. They are diabetics as well.


So, just because you are one of many diabetics, do not let this get you down and avoid your personal goals.  You can achieve! Set your personal goals, look after your glucose levels, eat right and exercise regularly and work towards these personal goals.  Just because we are diabetics does not mean that we are any lesser than other people who are not.  There is no need to let diabetes hold you back.


Set your personal goals!


Do you know any in your part of the world? Use the 'Contact us' link and I will add them for you.


Confirmed Not diabetic

Tommy Lee - Motley Crue (email)

Bryan Adams - Singer/song writer (twitter)


Famous and celebrity diabetics





Bryan Adams - Singer songwriter
Nat Adderly - Jazz Musician
Wsaim Akram - Pakistani Cricketer
Ray Anderson -  jazz trombonist
Yuri Andropov - Soviet Premier
Piers Anthony – Sci-Fi Writer
Arthur Ashe - Tennis; Wimbledon Winner
Hafiz al Assad - President of Syria
Hoyt Axton – Singer/Songwriter/Actor


Nicole Johnson Baker - Former Miss  America 1999/Presenter
Alec Baldwin - Actor (T2)
Walter Barnes - NFL/Actor
Syd Barret - Singer Pink Floyd
Marion Barry - Former Mayor Washington DC
Richard Bartlett - Screenwriter
Menachem Begin, - Former PM of Israel
Jack Benny – Comedian
Halle Berry - Actress
June Bierman – Diabetes Author
Sarah Bina - Championship clogger
Samuel Block - Civil Rights Activist
Crystal Bowersox - American Idol
Nick Boynton  - Hockey Player
Morris Braunstein - Scientist
Danny Joe Brown - Singer
J. Anthony  Brown - Actor
James Brown - Singer
Marlon Brando – Actor
Wilford Brimley - Actor
Ralph Bunche - Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Delta Burke – Actress/Former Miss Florida, Miss USA
Ayden Byle – Athlete (Running)




George Canyon - Canadian Country Singer
James Cagney - Actor
Douglas Cairns – Around The World Pilot
Fran  Carpentier - Magazine Editor
Nell Carter, Nell – Singer/Actress
Johnny Cash – Musician/actor
Paul Cezanne - Post-Impressionist Artist
Carol Channing – Singer/Actress
Lucille B. Chapman - Indian Tribal Chairwoman
Sylvia Chase - Journalist
Alvin Childress - Actor
Dick Clark – Entertainer/TV producer
Bobby Clarke - NHL (Philadelphia Flyers)
Sue Cleaver - Actress Coronation Street (UK)
Ty Cobb - MLB (Detroit Tigers)
Scott Coleman - Swam The English Channel 1996
Mark Collie  - Country Singer
Cory Conacher - Ottawa Senators NHL
James Conkling - Founder, National Academy Recording Arts & Sciences
David Crosby - Singer (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)
Jay Cutler (T1) - Chicago bears


Johnny Darrell - Country Music Singer
Damon Dash - Entrepreneur
Bill Davidson - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
John Davidson - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Miles Davis - Jazz musician
Phife Dawg - Rapper
Paula Deen - Cook, Author
Paddy Devlin - Co-founder of the NI SDLP
James ‘Scotty’ Doohan - Actor Star Trek
James 'Buster' Douglas - Boxer
Kenny Duckett - NFL (New Orleans Saints)
Chris Dudley - NBA (New York Knicks)
Rick Dudley - Hockey
Scott Dunton - Surfer


Mike Echols - NFL (Tennessee Titans)
Thomas Alva Edison - Inventor
Mama Cass Elliot- Singer (Mamas and the Papas)
Albert Ellis - Psychologist
Del Ennis - Baseball Player
Dale Evans – Singer/Actress


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Fahd - King of Saudi Arabia
James Farmer - civil rights pioneer
Freddy Fender - Guitarist
Pam Fernandes - Para Olympian
Ella Fitzgerald - Singer
Mick Fleetwood - Musician (Fleetwood Mac)
Tom Foster - Former Head Of Foster Poultry Farms
Aretha Franklin - Singer
Melvin Franklin - Singer
Curt Frasier - NHL (Chicago Black Hawks)
"Smokin' Joe" Frazier – Boxer R.I.P 07.November 2011
Walt Frazier - NBA (New York Knicks)
Kris Freeman - US Olympic Cross Country Skier
Morgan Freeman - Actor
Stephen Furst - Actor


Victor Garber - Actor
Jerry Garcia – Singer/Musician (Grateful Dead)
Rodolfo Garcia - AP Reporter
W.L. Gherra - PayLess Drugstores
Killah Ghostface – Rapper (Wu-Tang Klan)
Joe Gibbs - NFL (Washington Redskins coach)
Dizzy Gillespie - Jazz Musician
Jackie Gleason - Actor
Linda Goodman - Author
Mikhail Gorbachev – Former President Russia
Dorian Gregory - Actor
Mariano Grondona - Journalist
Bill Gullickson - MLB (Cincinnati Reds pitcher)



Mariska Hargitay - Law & Order actress (Gestational)
Gary Hall Jr. - US Olympic Gold Medalist (Swimming)
Tom Hanks - (T2) Actor
Jonathan Hayes - NFL (PittsburghSteelers/Kansas City Chiefs)
Chuck Heidenrich - Skier
Ernest Hemingway - Author
Jay Hewitt - Iron Man Triathlete
Dana Hill - Actress
Dave Hollins - Phillies World Series Third Baseman
Shirley Horn - Jazz Singer
Mike Huckabee – Governor Of Arkansas
Howard Hughes – Aviator/Producer/Director
James "Catfish" Hunter - MLB (Baseball)


Cynthia Ice - Lotus Development
Jeremy Irvine (T1) - Actor (War Horse)
Marvin Isley - Singer (The Isley Brothers)


Mahalia Jackson - Gospel Singer
Randy Jackson - Music Producer/American Idol Judge
Phebe Robinson Jacobsen - Archivist
Janet Jagan - president of Guyana
Rick James - Singer
Bill Janklow - Former South Dakota Governor
Chris Jarvis - World Champion Canadian rower
Aunt Jemima - Actress
Waylon Jennings - Country Singer
Wei Jingsheng - Chinese Dissident
Jason Johnson - MLB (Detroit Tigers)
Nicole Johnson – Former Miss America
Nick Jonas – Singer
Gordon Jump - Actor


Herbert "Tiny Tim"  Kahury - Singer
WWF star Kamala
Zippora Karz - Ballet
Walt Kelly – Cartoonist/Writer/Illustrator/Artist
Ken Kesey - Novelist
Kellie Keuhne - LPGA golfer
Charlie Kimball - Race Car Driver
Eivel Kinevel  - Daredevil
B.B. King - Blues Legend
Billy Jean King – Tennis Champion
Larry King - Talk Show Host
Mabel King - actress
Bill Kirchenbauer- Actor/voiceover (Captain Glucose - Diabetes Duo)
Gladys Knight - singer
Joseph Kolter – Politician
Ed Kranepool, Baseball Player (New York Mets)
Raymond  Krock - Founder Of The McDonald's Corporation
Cardinal John Krol - Bishop
Nikita Kruschev -  Former Soviet Premier








Patty LaBelle -Singer
Fiorello LaGuardia - Former Mayor Of NYC
Peggy Lee - Jazz Singer
Jason Leeuewenberg - Sportscaster
Al Lewis - actor
Amelia Lily - UK X-Factor finalist
Dominic Littlewood - UK Presenter Cowboy Builders
James Lloyd - Congressman (California)
Mother Love - Entertainer
Shawty Lo - Rap Artist
George Lucas – Film  Director/producer


Gary Mabbutt – Soccer player (Spurs & England)
Marcello Mastroianni -  Actor
Charles Mattocks - The Poor Chef
Meatloaf – Singer/Actor
Winnie Mandela - SA Anti-Apartheid Leader
Jerry Mather - Actor
Curtis Mayfield - Singer
Steven McCafferry – Author/Poet
Les McCann - Jazz Musician
Michelle McGann - LPGA Golfer
Danny McGrain (T1) - Soccer player (Celtic)
Brett Michaels - Singer (Poison)
Dr. George Minot - Nobel Prize for Medicine
Mary Tyler Moore - Actress
Adam Morrison – Basketball
Calvin Muhammed - Football Washington Redskins
Richard Mulligan - Actor
Zachary Gonzalez-Murillo - Team Zack Attacks


Gamal Nasser - Former Leader Of Egypt
Kevin Nealon - Comedian


Carroll  O'Conner - Actor
Park Overall - Actress
Peter O'Toole - Actor


Tim - "Gift of Gab," Parker (Rapper Blackolicious)
Tom Parks - Actor comedian
John Peel - UK DJ and Broadcaster
David Pember - MLB (Milwaukee Brewers)
Lois Jovanovic-Peterson - Endocrinologist/Author
Minnie Pearl – Comedian
Otto Preminger - Producer
Elvis Presley – Singer/Actor
Pump Girls – Girl Band
Mario Puzo - Author




Sir Steven Redgrave - British Olympic gold medallist (rowing)
Della Reese - Singer/Actress
Dan Reichert - MLB (Kansas City Royals)
Anne Rice - Author
Ham Richardson - Tennis Pro
Jackie Robinson - Baseball player
Sugar Ray Robinson - Boxer
Buddy Roemer - Governor of Louisiana
Esther Rolle - Actress
Carl Rowan, Carl – Columnist/Author
Milton Rubicam - Genealogists”


Anwar Sadat – Former President Of Egypt
George C Scott - Writer
Ron Santo - MLB (Chicago Cubs)
Sue Schofield – British  Author
Sir Harry Seacomb -  Comedian/Former President Of BDA
Art Shell -  NFL (Player & Coach)
Bonnie Sher - Singer & Actress T1
Kendall Simmons - NFL (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Mike Sinclair - NFL (Philadelphia Eagles)
Brad Slaight - Actor/voiceover (Meter Boy-Diabetes Duo)
Jean Smart - Actress
Hubert Smith - President Of Bermuda Diabetes Association
Kate Smith - Singer
Paul Sorvino - Actor (Goodfellas)
William 'BIGSLEEPS' Stewart - Actor,Script Writer,Song Writer
Jessica Stone - actress and singer
Sharon Stone - Actress
Hank Stram - NFL (Kansas City Chiefs)
Elaine Stritch – Comedian
Bradley Suttle -  Major League (Second Baseman)



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Elizabeth Taylor - Actress
Leonard Thompson - First Insulin Recipient
Spencer Tracy - Actor
Jim Turner – Actor
Sherri Turner -  LPGA Golfer
Aida Tuturro - Actress





Gary Valenciano - Singer
Luther Vandross - Singer
Scott Verplank - PGA Golfer


Jersey Joe Walcott - Boxer
Jo Ann Washam -  LPGA Golfer
Andrew Lloyd Webber - Composer
David ‘Boomer’ Wells – MLB Pitcher
H.G. Wells - Author
Leslie West - Musician
Mae West – Actress
Laura Ingalls Wilder - Author
Vanessa Williams
Wade Wilson - NFL Quarterback
Stuart Wimbles – Educator
Paul Winfield - Actor
Norman Whitfield - Songwriter/Record Producer
Jane Wyman - Actress



Elliot Yamin – Singer American Idol

Neil Young - Singer And Guitarist





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