05 October 2012 My latest A1c update Pt2

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on October 5, 2012 at 9:20 PM


I went to the DAFNE clinic as arranged. I went armed with my diary which showed the escalated readings due to the addition of Metformin to my Novorapid insulin and the normalisation after I quit it.

The nurse (Susan) told me that I was correct in stopping the med after she saw that my readings went down from around 24 mmol/L or 432mg/dL down to 6.8 or 122.4 which seemed to be the new high constant, although now I was going lower and even hypo! I was really happy to have my first hypo in ages and I even tweeted about it LOL. My sugars are staying fairly constant now and the DAFNE nurse seemed happy at my decision to stop the Metformin and to continue as I am doing at present.

While I was at the clinic, I picked up a leaflet which advertised the Bayer Contour Next USB blood glucose monitor. I asked the nurse for one, telling her that I often forget to record my info into the paper diary and that the USB one would be great, as I am always on the puter anyway. I also requested a new pen for my Novorapid cartridges, as my other one was about 4 years old and I felt that maybe I was not receiving the right does that I was dialling.

Susan came back with a brand new pen AND the USB monitor. She also gave me an extra 25 test strips to tide me over while I order them on my repeat prescription from my GP. One good thing about being a diabetic in the UK is that everything diabetes related is free (as long as you ARE diabetic) and therefore there is no financial burden on the diabetic as in other countries.

I came home, downloaded the software, charged the unit fully and ordered freebies off the website after registering the unit. There are some really cool freebies including a wall charger to charge the unit away from the puter and its USB. I also ordered other freebies and a year diary for any problems that I have in-between visits, should I need to log them.

OK... Time to test my BG for the first time and thankfully, the first reading is 5.6mmol/L or 100.8mg/dL :) The meter brings up the program when plugged in and shows your latest reading on the chart, which can be printed or emailed out. There is also an alarm for when your BG is over the limits set by yourself e.g. low =4 and High =10, which shows up on the chart.

All in all, today was a very productive day :D



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