Aug 04 Myelogram Part 2

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on August 12, 2011 at 2:30 PM

I got home about 7:45pm and had some takeaway food delivered. I started to get a bad headache and soon, the pain was unbelievable, the pain was so severe that I just had to lie down on the bed with 3 pillows to raise my head from the bed as I was advised. I was now taking the painkillers (Co-Dydromol) every 4 hours, counting the minutes till the next one.

I tried to check my mail on my puter but could just not sit there as I felt as if my head was too heavy for my neck. I lasted 2 minutes. My back was really sore and I could not sleep all night, I eventually dropped off at 5am and was up 4 hours later. I had to lie down all day, as the pain was so severe. This is due to the spinal fluid leaking from the holes in my spinal cord and judging by the amount of punctures that they did, my spinal cord must have been leaking like a sieve.

A week later... I still have severe headaches, but not quite as bad, but I seem to have developed a cough over the last week also, so every time I cough, I get a bad pain right around my head. To make things worse, my sight has altered. I cannot see like could do a week ago. I seem to be getting 2 different views from my eyes rather than the usual one vision, which makes things look blurry and very weird as if looking through a pair of binoculars and seeing 2 different versions of the picture, which also makes me feel dizzy and unsteady on my feet.

To make things worse, I have a job interview at the place where \I work on Monday and I do not feel ready for it and have to swot up on key issues of the job and I cannot focus on one set of writing that my eyes are seeing unless I shut one eye.

I am seeing my doctor early on Monday and will talk to him about it all and see what he says. I may even go and see the optician after the interview. I also have another appointment to have cortisone injections on my back on Tuesday and I am panicking like heck but have been told that it’s not bad at all But I also remember the woman who came out and said that the Myelogram was not too bad but then again, if she had just one puncture and then the ink injected, it would not have been so bad for her I suppose.

Wish me luck guys.

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