Aug 04 Myelogram Part 1

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on August 12, 2011 at 2:10 PM

I have not managed to update the site for a few days until now. The reason being is that I had to have a Myelogram to discover what was wrong with my back.

I was a bit hesitant about having what is basically a Lumber Puncture and then having ink injected into me back. I told the nurse that I was a little anxious about it and she said that I would be fine. A woman came out after hers and was smiling, which was pointed out to me by said nurse. I was feeling a little calmer buy the time I was ushered in. While in there, the doctor said that they sometimes have problems locating the correct spot between the spine and that there was another Doctor on hand if there were problems.

First, he injected an aesthetic into my back so that I would not be able to feel the pain; it was a sharp scratch, so no problems there. They got me into position on my side for the first puncture. I could feel it and it was hurting so bad, I could feel the needle in my spine. The needle was then removed and put back in several times. I thought that this was just normal and that they were peppering the area with the dye. It was when he told me that he was having problems that sent my alarm bells ringing. He had stuck me with the needle about 17 times to what I had counted.

The second Doc then came in and also did it about 15 times of more and by this time I was sweating like a weight watcher in a cake shop. He said "Right that's it... now for the dye" I said "What? I thought you had put the dye in already!” The dye was put in with no problem, just a heavy feeling in my legs really. I was then given the x-rays and then sent for a CT scan. I was told to lie with my head elevated for the next few nights and was then sent home.

THEN the problems really started!

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