Posted by Ami-Diabetic on March 25, 2011 at 9:27 PM

Ok...let me get you up to speed here...

I have been off work with a very bad back for weeks now. I went to my Doc last Friday and told him that my back just was not getting any better. He said that he would arrange an MRI scan with the necessary people and told me that it would be at a private hospital.

Come Monday, I got the call that an appointment was open for Thursday. I told them that I do not drive (ok... I know!) So they arranged for a driver to pick me up.

Thursday came and I was panicking a little but knew that it would not take too long. The driver was a nice guy and we talked about bad backs and football (he lives and supports the other team and we hate each other with a vengeance but he really was a nice guy). We arrived in the grounds which is a few acres to say the least. We drove past the peacocks in the grounds and I booked myself in.

I was soon called and was asked the usual questions, I removed all the metal stuff that I had on and was lead to what can best be described as a huge ‘tube’ and was lead to the couch. The radiographer gave me a pair of ear plugs and told me to put them in and lie down in position, which I did. She then proceeded to talk to me and I couldn’t tell a word she was saying and I was off into the tube.

The huge tube was suddenly very tight and I saw the top just a few inches above me. I really did not like it one bit and felt claustrophobic but I persevered. I know now what the earplugs were for, as I was bombarded with strange noises and banging. I was told not to move before I went in and I lay there rigid, afraid to make a move in case they started over again. I closed my eyes and sang a song in my head to concentrate on something else. I picked the longest song that I know (Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody) I’m sure I repeated a few lines more than once. Anyway, it was soon over. I was rolled out of the tube and asked to get dressed. I was aching badly! I was so stiff and felt like the morning after a workout. I got dressed and left.

The driver was catching the heat off the mid day sun and greeted me asking how it went. He revealed that he had a bad back and was claustrophobic; I replied “ahhh... it ain’t so bad!” hehe. We drove home talking about earthquakes and the sad news of the latest one in Japan. I told him that I watch the ‘quakes’ regularly using a program on my computer which he seemed very interested in and took a few notes. The rest of the trip was chatting about our football teams and had a bit of banter about the rivalry before I arrived home.

Boy was I stiff today :(

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