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Posted by Ami-Diabetic on February 4, 2013 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (2)

Good news folks! has been paid up  for the 2 year package and domain name through very kind donations by our members.

I would like to thank all concerned in the donation fight for their constant support over the past 2 years.


05 October 2012 My latest A1c update Pt2

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on October 5, 2012 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)


I went to the DAFNE clinic as arranged. I went armed with my diary which showed the escalated readings due to the addition of Metformin to my Novorapid insulin and the normalisation after I quit it.

The nurse (Susan) told me that I was correct in stopping the med after she saw that my readings went down from around 24 mmol/L or 432mg/dL down to 6.8 or 122.4 which seemed to be the new high constant, although now I was going lower and even hypo! I was really happy to have my first hypo in ages and I even tweeted about it LOL. My sugars are staying fairly constant now and the DAFNE nurse seemed happy at my decision to stop the Metformin and to continue as I am doing at present.

While I was at the clinic, I picked up a leaflet which advertised the Bayer Contour Next USB blood glucose monitor. I asked the nurse for one, telling her that I often forget to record my info into the paper diary and that the USB one would be great, as I am always on the puter anyway. I also requested a new pen for my Novorapid cartridges, as my other one was about 4 years old and I felt that maybe I was not receiving the right does that I was dialling.

Susan came back with a brand new pen AND the USB monitor. She also gave me an extra 25 test strips to tide me over while I order them on my repeat prescription from my GP. One good thing about being a diabetic in the UK is that everything diabetes related is free (as long as you ARE diabetic) and therefore there is no financial burden on the diabetic as in other countries.

I came home, downloaded the software, charged the unit fully and ordered freebies off the website after registering the unit. There are some really cool freebies including a wall charger to charge the unit away from the puter and its USB. I also ordered other freebies and a year diary for any problems that I have in-between visits, should I need to log them.

OK... Time to test my BG for the first time and thankfully, the first reading is 5.6mmol/L or 100.8mg/dL :) The meter brings up the program when plugged in and shows your latest reading on the chart, which can be printed or emailed out. There is also an alarm for when your BG is over the limits set by yourself e.g. low =4 and High =10, which shows up on the chart.

All in all, today was a very productive day :D



28 August 2012 My latest A1c update Pt2

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on October 5, 2012 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)


I meant to update sooner but it seems that my Type 1 insulin (Novo rapid) and type 2 med (Metformin) that I was given to try to even out my A1c do not work well together for me.

My blood glucose levels went 'stupid' because of the Metformin. I was getting levels of up to 24mmol/L or 432mg/dL and I was feeling pretty awful, as you can imagine. It got to the stage where I was starting to eat meals without any carbs, mainly eggs meat and a few veggies and yet the BG levels hardly improved.

I was also getting an itchy pricking feeling in my chest, which kept me awake at night because of this 'itch' and the feeling that maybe this was something else to do with my blood pressure or heart. I never had my blood pressure taken at this time, although I have a small one that I can put on my wrist to check, which obviously I forgot that I had it!

I decided to come off the Metformin myself and felt the benefits within 24 hours of stopping. My sugars slowly returned to a manageable rate and the itching slowly went away. I called my diabetes nurse at the hospital who said to not take them. We arranged for a visit on the 5th October.



23 August 2012 My latest A1c update

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on August 24, 2012 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (1)

So... you may know that I have had a few procedures on my back recently and that my blood glucose control has been all over the place due to these procedures.

Well, I went to see my diabetes consultant yesterday and he said that my HbA1c has gone up from 8 to 11! yes ELEVEN!!! My overall control shows no ketones, so shows that I am having my insulin on a regular basis.

I am on 75 units of Glargine (Basal) once per day and around 25 units of Novo rapid (Bolus) per meal, so to raise this would put more weight on my body and being such a large amount would be better a reduction than an increase.


So... my consultant decided that it may be worth trying 850 Metformin tablets as well as my insulin to try and take down my glucose levels. He warned me that I may go hypo which I accepted, as I can workaround it by reducing insulin over the weeks. I will take 1 tablet in the morning for 1 week and then on week 2 have morning and Lunch and week 3 onwards I will have morning,Lunch and Evening meal.


I had my first Metformin today and decided to play it safe. My BG was 7.1 and decided that after the tablet, rather than have 21 units as I usually would for the food eaten, I decided to play safe and have just 14. Thinking that my BG would be around or less than my morning 7.1, I was very suprised to see that it was running at 17.4! I sorted my BG at my Evening meal and just before bedtime, it was 6.4.


Tomorrow, I will have the tablet but this time, I will take my usual insulin and see where that takes me. I will be testing regularly for signs of a hypo, just in case the tablet interferes with my hypo awareness.

I'll keep you posted !


11 July 12 Today, I witnessed a severe hypo

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on July 11, 2012 at 9:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Today, while at the hall where I volunteer for the blind society, a young blind woman in a wheelchair who has MS, was reported to have “high sugar levels”. I went over to see and they were trying to feed her glucose tablets. I intervened and asked why they were giving her glucose tablets when her sugars were high. I was told that she was feeling off when she came in and had taken her injection 2 hours before! Why, I do not know.

I tried talking to her but she was unresponsive with her eyes open but as if she was in a trance, I immediately told someone to call an ambulance fast! Fortunately, there is an ambulance station nearby and arrived in about 2 minutes. They took her BG levels and they read 1.7 (19.7) even after the glucose tablets and was given an injection of Glucagon and was whisked away to the hospital. I hope that she is ok.

It is clear that there is a bit of education needed here. When someone says the a diabetic is not well because her sugars are high, when in fact, they are low... VERY low needs to be addressed. I am going to make a factsheet so that this confusion does not happen again. Why do people try and diagnose what they know nothing about? Good job that I was there today...!


Aug 04 Myelogram Part 2

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on August 12, 2011 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I got home about 7:45pm and had some takeaway food delivered. I started to get a bad headache and soon, the pain was unbelievable, the pain was so severe that I just had to lie down on the bed with 3 pillows to raise my head from the bed as I was advised. I was now taking the painkillers (Co-Dydromol) every 4 hours, counting the minutes till the next one.

I tried to check my mail on my puter but could just not sit there as I felt as if my head was too heavy for my neck. I lasted 2 minutes. My back was really sore and I could not sleep all night, I eventually dropped off at 5am and was up 4 hours later. I had to lie down all day, as the pain was so severe. This is due to the spinal fluid leaking from the holes in my spinal cord and judging by the amount of punctures that they did, my spinal cord must have been leaking like a sieve.

A week later... I still have severe headaches, but not quite as bad, but I seem to have developed a cough over the last week also, so every time I cough, I get a bad pain right around my head. To make things worse, my sight has altered. I cannot see like could do a week ago. I seem to be getting 2 different views from my eyes rather than the usual one vision, which makes things look blurry and very weird as if looking through a pair of binoculars and seeing 2 different versions of the picture, which also makes me feel dizzy and unsteady on my feet.

To make things worse, I have a job interview at the place where \I work on Monday and I do not feel ready for it and have to swot up on key issues of the job and I cannot focus on one set of writing that my eyes are seeing unless I shut one eye.

I am seeing my doctor early on Monday and will talk to him about it all and see what he says. I may even go and see the optician after the interview. I also have another appointment to have cortisone injections on my back on Tuesday and I am panicking like heck but have been told that it’s not bad at all But I also remember the woman who came out and said that the Myelogram was not too bad but then again, if she had just one puncture and then the ink injected, it would not have been so bad for her I suppose.

Wish me luck guys.

Aug 04 Myelogram Part 1

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on August 12, 2011 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I have not managed to update the site for a few days until now. The reason being is that I had to have a Myelogram to discover what was wrong with my back.

I was a bit hesitant about having what is basically a Lumber Puncture and then having ink injected into me back. I told the nurse that I was a little anxious about it and she said that I would be fine. A woman came out after hers and was smiling, which was pointed out to me by said nurse. I was feeling a little calmer buy the time I was ushered in. While in there, the doctor said that they sometimes have problems locating the correct spot between the spine and that there was another Doctor on hand if there were problems.

First, he injected an aesthetic into my back so that I would not be able to feel the pain; it was a sharp scratch, so no problems there. They got me into position on my side for the first puncture. I could feel it and it was hurting so bad, I could feel the needle in my spine. The needle was then removed and put back in several times. I thought that this was just normal and that they were peppering the area with the dye. It was when he told me that he was having problems that sent my alarm bells ringing. He had stuck me with the needle about 17 times to what I had counted.

The second Doc then came in and also did it about 15 times of more and by this time I was sweating like a weight watcher in a cake shop. He said "Right that's it... now for the dye" I said "What? I thought you had put the dye in already!” The dye was put in with no problem, just a heavy feeling in my legs really. I was then given the x-rays and then sent for a CT scan. I was told to lie with my head elevated for the next few nights and was then sent home.

THEN the problems really started!

Whats with all the helicopers?

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on July 7, 2011 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

After a few sleepless nights, I found myself slowly drifting off to sleep, when I was awoken with an almighty din.  I could hear rota blades slicing through the sky, but it was too loud for a police helicopter.  I decided to open the window to see what all the noise was and 4 chinooks (I think)  were flying over very low in the black night sky.

Where the heck are these coming from and why fly over in 4's at 1 am?  I did not manage to get back to sleep until the early hours.  If you wanna play army games, please do it during the day!

:mad:End of rant!


Posted by Ami-Diabetic on March 25, 2011 at 9:27 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok...let me get you up to speed here...

I have been off work with a very bad back for weeks now. I went to my Doc last Friday and told him that my back just was not getting any better. He said that he would arrange an MRI scan with the necessary people and told me that it would be at a private hospital.

Come Monday, I got the call that an appointment was open for Thursday. I told them that I do not drive (ok... I know!) So they arranged for a driver to pick me up.

Thursday came and I was panicking a little but knew that it would not take too long. The driver was a nice guy and we talked about bad backs and football (he lives and supports the other team and we hate each other with a vengeance but he really was a nice guy). We arrived in the grounds which is a few acres to say the least. We drove past the peacocks in the grounds and I booked myself in.

I was soon called and was asked the usual questions, I removed all the metal stuff that I had on and was lead to what can best be described as a huge ‘tube’ and was lead to the couch. The radiographer gave me a pair of ear plugs and told me to put them in and lie down in position, which I did. She then proceeded to talk to me and I couldn’t tell a word she was saying and I was off into the tube.

The huge tube was suddenly very tight and I saw the top just a few inches above me. I really did not like it one bit and felt claustrophobic but I persevered. I know now what the earplugs were for, as I was bombarded with strange noises and banging. I was told not to move before I went in and I lay there rigid, afraid to make a move in case they started over again. I closed my eyes and sang a song in my head to concentrate on something else. I picked the longest song that I know (Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody) I’m sure I repeated a few lines more than once. Anyway, it was soon over. I was rolled out of the tube and asked to get dressed. I was aching badly! I was so stiff and felt like the morning after a workout. I got dressed and left.

The driver was catching the heat off the mid day sun and greeted me asking how it went. He revealed that he had a bad back and was claustrophobic; I replied “ahhh... it ain’t so bad!” hehe. We drove home talking about earthquakes and the sad news of the latest one in Japan. I told him that I watch the ‘quakes’ regularly using a program on my computer which he seemed very interested in and took a few notes. The rest of the trip was chatting about our football teams and had a bit of banter about the rivalry before I arrived home.

Boy was I stiff today :(

Surprise visit

Posted by Ami-Diabetic on March 13, 2011 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all.

I got a text from a good buddy of mine, in fact he was my childhood best friend, who I last saw about 7 years ago and before that was 20 years ago. We have kept in contact since he was in the area 7 years ago and we swapped phone numbers. We have traded texts several times a week with jokes and light hearted banter.

Today, I got a text and he was asking if I was at home, which I was. He was up visiting his ex mother in-law with his ex wife and he came round to see me. We reminisced for about 3 hours going way, way back. It really was a pity that he had to go, as we could have talked forever.

Best friends will always be best friends and no one can ever take that away from you.


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