Site to possibly close 14 Feb 2013

With regret, is looking to close down on 14 Feb 2013, as I can no longer afford to self fund the site without help from people who have found the site helpful and informative.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you who made the site as success that it has become.


"The regular cost for the renewal of your Enhanced 2 year package is $179.95. When you renew your premium subscription, we provide you with a domain coupon that can be used to renew your domain name as"

Exchanged from $ to £ is approx £112.00 at todays rate 30 Nov 2012

Donators who wish to remain anonymous will appear as Anon, although there is an option to remain anon. Thank you all:)

20 Nov 2012----------£[email protected]

19 Nov 2012----------£5.00------------Anon

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